The truth is, it is not too late to transition away from the independent municipal police service. We are the only team with clear policies to:

  • stop the independent police service
  • increase the number of officers by 100 over 4 years
  • increase fire service personnel by 80 over 4 years
  • enhance the Bylaw Services
  • build another fire hall
  • review the city’s Emergency Preparedness Plan to include the impacts of climate change

It’s too late to stop the SPS.
There is a contract we can’t get out of.
We’ve spent too much to stop.
We’ll get a better police service.
Having a locally-controlled force is better.
Surrey RCMP aren’t local; they parachute in.
The board says their cost of infrastructure is $64 million.

It’s not too late.
There is no contract. There is only a
Memorandum of Understanding.
We will save over HALF A BILLION
dollars if we stop.
SPS will reduce Sophie’s Place,
mental health, and youth programs.
ALL police force boards in BC are
appointed by the provincial government.
Many RCMP are recruited here and
spend their entire career in Surrey.
It is actually $ 150 million


Doug’s private police will cost taxpayers:

$520 million

- more than the RCMP over the next four years.