Brenda Locke

Brenda’s track record includes building partnerships, resulting in SFU and E-Division being in Surrey. She was a Member of the Legislature, the Minister of State for Mental Health & Addictions, Executive Director of the RMT Association and the BC Liquor Retailers Association, as well as several board positions. As a Councillor for the last 4 years, she supported the Harmony Apts, the Cloverdale arena, and other community sport and leisure infrastructure projects.

As Mayor she will:

  • bring ethics and integrity back to Surrey
  • reduce wait times for permits
  • put public safety first by increasing the fire service and retaining the RCMP
  • put residents at the center of all decision making
  • ensure fiscal transparency and accountability and advocate for Surrey’s fair share of provincial & federal funding

Vote for Brenda if you want Surrey to be safe, strong, and successful.